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Listing vendors in different categories


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    Thor Johannes started the conversation

    Wondering if you have any good methods of categorising and listing vendors beyond the Vendor Groups. I intend to use Vendor groups to classify based on vendor terms (in combination with Commission rules), but want a different way to categorise users in genres (we have book sellers in different categories). I have found a way to create a custom taxonomy and assign it to the users (Using this guide: https://codebriefly.com/how-to-create-taxonomy-for-users-in-wordpress/)

    I'm trying to return the assigned taxonomy in the vendor information. I am able to return other custom fields (ACF), but not the assigned taxonomy. It would also be great to have functionality to list all vendors that are in a specific category.

    Any suggestions on how to achieve this?
    I see Dokan has a plugin for this (not sure how they do listing) 

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    WebWizards replied

    Hi Thor,

    Thank you for purchasing our plugin,

    I looked through the links you shared - this seems interesting and quite useful - I'd be interested in adding this Store category feature to our plugin.

    I could create this custom taxonomy for Store Categories, and then give each vendor the option in profile settings to choose their own store categories from the ones you create in the backend - this part seems fairly straightforward.

    Then I am wondering how this would be best implemented on the frontend. Would it be a simple search option on the Stores List page? or perhaps there should be a shortcode that displays all vendors in X category so you can create custom pages for each category?

    What did you have in mind for this? I mean what was your vision for what this would look like on the site frontend?

    Kind regards,


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    Thor Johannes replied

    I think that would be beneficial to others too, if you were to include the functionality:)

    The simplest use case for us is to have an index to list all vendors, divided by category:

    Category 1
    Store 1 ➔
    Store 2 ➔

    Category 2
    Store 3 ➔
    Store 4 ➔

    I'm not sure if "categories" (hierarchical) or "tags" are the right approach for this. It might be interesting to be able to use hierarchies (categories and subcategories), but at the same time, a tag based approach might allow for listing across those set categories.

    As far as implementation to actually list these, a way to query the users with the assigned category via code would be enough for us.

    Of course a shortcode implementation might be more flexible for users less comfortable with setting up custom templates. Just throwing it out there, but something like this perhaps? [stores cat="34"] and optionally you could have additional parameters like 
    title="yes/no" (to display the category name) 
    desc="yes/no" (to display the category description)
    style="list/grid" (the presentation of the list)
    thumb="yes/no" (to show the vendor profile image)

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    WebWizards replied

    Thank you very much for your feedback,

    I think the tag-based approach is the best, and quite a bit simpler to implement,

    I like your idea about implementing that shortcode with those parameters as well, seems very useful and flexible.

    I think we can add this within a few weeks - maybe sooner, maybe a bit longer, but I think 3-4 weeks is what's realistic for us right now based on our current workload,

    If you can wait for that, I'll be happy to get back to you here with an update when this is ready,

    Kind regards,


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    Thor Johannes replied

    Sounds great. Thanks for taking suggestions and actually implementing them. So far, very happy I went with MarketKing :)