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upload size limit


  • patrickwbass started the conversation

    My PHP settings are at https://made2buy.com/phpinfo.php and from the admin console, I can upload files according to the size limits defined in the php ini.  However, via the MarketKing dashboard, vendors are limited to uploads in the size of about 977kb.  How can I increase this limit?

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    WebWizards replied

    Hi there,

    Indeed, by default this limit is set to 1000000 b, which I guess is 977kb,

    This limit can be changed through the following code snippet:

    add_filter('marketking_vendor_upload_file_size', function($val){
        return 1000000;
    }, 10, 1);

    You can change this value to anything you want in the above code. The snippet can be added to functions.php or through any snippets plugin.

    Kind regards,