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  Public Ticket #3130775
exclude categories in the order form short code


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    hanslerche started the conversation


    I can see that you have included the possibility to exclude product IDs and include category IDs in the short code for the order form. Please consider also to include the possibility to exclude Category IDs in the short code order form. 

    Thanks for the consideration.



  •   WebWizards replied privately
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    hanslerche replied

    Tested. It works.

    Perfect, thanks!



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    Julian replied

    Hi, would it be possible to let me know how I can do this too? I really need to hide 2 categories in the order form and also everywhere else if possible (e.g. in my shop ). At the moment wholesale customers can see the category name but when they click it says "No products found..." or "No products were found matching your selection.". Thanks. Mareliza

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    WebWizards replied

    Hi there,

    I've replied in a separate ticket here: https://webwizards.ticksy.com/ticket/3134319