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Bulk Order Form Min Product Quantity issue


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    damteq12 started the conversation

    Hi we have noticed an issue with your bulk order form on the my account page.

    When the product has a minimum order (EG 6) it works great on the single product page however doesn't seem to show the min quantity of 6 on the bulk order form. Is there anything that can be done to correct this?

    Example screenshot: https://paste.pics/77e9cba1223ee84467dc3baba51c2470

    Many thanks

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    WebWizards replied

    Hi there,

    At the moment these dynamic rules for min / max / step are not yet integrated with the Classic theme order form. (They're currently only integrated with the Cream and Indigo order form themes).

    We would like to make this integration, I will try to add it within the next few days. Please let me get back to you here with another message with this integration as soon as possible,

    Kind regards,


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    damteq12 replied

    Hi Stefan, thanks very much. I look forward to your response soon :)

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    damteq12 replied

    That's perfect, thank you Stefan. I shall upload it and let you know of any issues.

    Appreciate the help.