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Bank transfer only for Wholesalers


  • maurice started the conversation

    Hi, I was looking at your plug-in and a question popped up. Is it possible to let normal customers pay by Ideal (common payment option for all customers in the Netherlands). And when a customer fills in a valid VAT number on the checkout page he/she can choice for bank transfer option. Is this possible with your plug-in? 

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    WebWizards replied

    Hi Maurice,

    Thank you for getting in touch,

    The plugin can restrict payment methods based on user group. So for example you could configure that 'Bank Transfer' is only available for users in the 'Wholesalers' group.

    However, it's not possible to restrict this based on whether they fill the VAT number at checkout or not. This could only work during registration.

    So it can work as follows:

    1) During user registration, users can choose between Retail customer and Business customer. 

    2) To register as a business customer, users must provide a valid VAT number. If they provide a valid VAT number, they are accepted and will be added to the 'Wholesalers' group.

    3) You can configure Bank Transfer to only be available to 'Wholesalers'.

    Optionally, you may want to require users to register in order to checkout.

    Let me know if I can help with anything, or if you have any questions,

    Kind regards,