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Custom title for Store Page


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    Thor Johannes started the conversation

    It looks like the page title (<title>) on Store pages inherits from the Stores List (keeping the same name). I think it would make more sense to use the custom Store Name defined in the user/vendor settings as the page title for the store. Or possibly as a filter to allow further customisation. 

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    WebWizards replied

    Hi Thor,

    Each vendor can configure the title as part of the 'Store SEO' module: https://woocommerce-multivendor.com/docs/store-seo/

    Maybe I should add a filter that allows setting the DEFAULT value to the Store name? Are you planning to keep the 'store seo' module enabled?

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    Thor Johannes replied

    Aha, did not know about this location. Since the demo also showed "Stores List" for the individual vendors, I just assumed it was an oversight;)

    I wasn't planning on giving this "power" to the users, at least not for now.  I assume there is no other location to control the individual stores title apart from the Store SEO module?

    It would be very helpful to have the default name fetch from the actual store name, rather than "Stores List".

    Our use case for the plugin might differ from typical users: Our site allows people with some kind of audience (authors, influencers, etc) to promote/recommend books and get a cut of the sale. They drive traffic to the product pages, but we do all logistics like inventory, shipping, customer relations etc. This is why we limit their capabilities for now, to viewing sales performance, editing their profile and editing the recommendation (that you have so kindly helped with, the whole ACF ordeal). 

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    Thor Johannes replied

    Seems to work perfectly! Thank you!