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suggested payment method


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    Rui started the conversation

    Is it possible in a future development, to know in the commission list the payment method?

    How the customer paid
    In the shop (cash)
    By credit card

    So that I can filter the cash payments in the Agent and payments by credit card, or other.

    I don't know if it is interesting for others, but in my case it seems interesting. Here's an idea.

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    WebWizards replied

    Hi Rui,

    Thanks for the feedback,

    Do you mean adding this in the admin backend in SalesKing -> Earnings -> View Earnings?

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    Rui replied

    Yes, as an option in the Agent.

    In the Agent it is more interesting to download PDF or XLS on Agent earnings and not only on Earnings totals


    It would also be interesting to know the type of payment, for some have commissions others not, just for control and be able to separate in a spreadsheet. To know the profitability of an agent and to have the map of earnings per Agent printed in PDF or Spreadsheet

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    Rui replied

    It's great now, we can purge the Agent's values.

    But I do not know why it seems that the customer's name is not appearing in the list!!!


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