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Discount with coupon code


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    Rui started the conversation

    When an agent creates a discount code in the admin panel, a user whenever they use that discount code, the commission will always revert to the Agent, right?

    That is, he does not need to reach the shop with the sponsored LINK?

    In the Agent's earnings list, wouldn't it be interesting to also know, by adding another column, that this purchase was used with the discount code "XPTO"

    This is a suggestion you should consider.

    Thank you and good work.

  •   WebWizards replied privately
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    Rui replied

    It's excellent.

    But you have to check, because when I select the new columns, if I exit and re-enter, I have to select the columns again!

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    WebWizards replied

    Unfortunately I don't currently have a way for it to remember which columns are selected. We're using a certain dataTables script and it doesn't have a feature for this.