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    Jim started the conversation

    We are running a sale and if a customer buys any item we are giving away a specific item.  I was looking at "dynamic price" but it does not have the option to add products automatically to the cart. 

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    WebWizards replied

    Hello Jim,

    I think probably the closest option would be to use Offers ( https://woocommerce-b2b-plugin.com/docs/offers-2/ ) and create basically a bundle such as 10x item A + 1x item B free.

    If you had such an offer, you could use its shortcode to display it anywhere, including on a product description, or on any page.

    Other than that, indeed B2BKing cannot force add a product to cart.

    You could configure some kind of dynamic rule such as a discount, or a BOGO rule (e.g. if a user buys 10 pieces, then 1 is free), but none of these rules can force add a separate product to cart.

    Kind regards,